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All You Need to Know About Keyless Locks

If you try to find entry locks that can’t be defeated by burglars, you’ll be looking a long time, according to most security experts.
However, there are safer options that take away some of the most common ways that burglars get inside homes.

Keyless entry locks are becoming more and more popular because can take away two of the quickest and easiest ways that burglars enter homes: by picking locks and using bump keys.
Both those methods required a key lock, so turning to a keyless door could convince many burglars to simply try another home.

The 7 Best Keyless Entry Systems to Buy in 2018

Digital Entry Locks

Actually, the technology for keyless, or digital, entry locks has been around for years.

Many keyless methods have been in use in apartment buildings, hospitals and even in government installations.
The technology is a much newer development to homes, according to experts.

  • Pushbutton locks. A combination, often 4 to 6 digits, is entered on the lockset to gain entry into the home.
    Pushbutton locks can be programmed to remember dozens of combinations and combinations can be deleted as quickly as new codes can be created.
    Give combinations to your parents when they come for a 2-week and then eliminate that code when they leave.
  • Remote-controlled locks. The advantage to this lock is you don’t need to have the dexterity to enter a combination.
    Much like a keyless remote system for vehicles, you keep a fob with a button that activates a sensor on the lockset and unlocks the door.
  • Fingerprint locks. Much like the remote-controlled locks, you can enter a number of fingerprints and add or delete to the accepted fingerprints at any time.
    The biggest advantage with fingerprint locks for many people is that there is nothing to lose with this type of digital entry locks.
    You can lose the combination to the pushbutton locks and misplace the fob to operate the remote-controlled lock. But there is nothing to lose with a fingerprint lock.

Get Some Help for Digital Entry Locks

  • Get a strong deadbolt. Even digital entry locks that take the key out of the picture for burglars can still be defeated easily enough.
    Look for a deadbolt with a high gauge metal design and a throw that’s at least 1-inches long.
  • Don’t forget the doors. It doesn’t make much sense to propose a number of changes to the entry locks on the door until you have gotten a door with the strength to stand up to the kicks or shoulders of burglars.
    That’s why it’s important to get solid core doors or metal doors. Hollow wooden doors are too easily overpowered by burglars.
  • Don’t forget signs and decals. Putting out signs and decals that warn of an alarm system or large dog with bad temper can only help.
    Burglars may or may not believe the signs and decals, but still may skip the house to ensure they find a location that appears as low risk as possible.

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