Electronic Door Locks

Benefits Of Electronic Door Locks

The evolution in technology brings with it several advancements.
These advancements, fortunately, aren't limited to certain fields.
They trickle down into various arenas.
It is because of this "trickle-down" effect; we're able to enjoy interesting inventions, such as electronic door locks.

Yes! The days of classic cylinder locks have passed.
Today, we have electronic door locks that offer enhanced security features and loads of other conveniences.
In fact, that’s exactly what we are here to discuss.

So, how are electronic door locks superior to their predecessors? Well, let’s take a look.

Controlled Access

Door locks are used for one thing – security.
You lock your doors to make sure no one can enter your home office, attack you or steal your belongings.
Electronic door locks offer those exact same benefits and more.

For starters, they come with an Access Control System or ACS.
As the name indicated, the ACS controls access.
You can actually program in security clearances that limit access to select personnel, which is great for businesses that want to protect data or other material.

Electronic door locks respond to ID badges, which means there are no keys.
The locks will record entry and exit data according to the programmed schedule.
So, if someone else tries to enter with the same ID badge, the database will not permit entry.

Plus, the ACS records everything – date of entry, time, etc.
So, even if the same employee manages to enter outside of his/her schedule, you'll know.

Other than that, electronic door locks make day to day movement easier.
They eliminate the need for constant key transfers from one person to another.
Authorization or the removal of it can be done with the click of a mouse button.

No Keys to Worry About

electronic door locks

Speaking of security, one of the many things that homeowners and business owners worry about is losing their keys. This can bring up fears of a possible security breach.
However, electronic door locks overcome all those issues.

For instance, multiple copies of a physical key aren’t that hard to make.
Anybody can get their hand on your key and make a copy in order to gain entry into your property.
For instance, a former tenant can do it.

He/she can make keys and use those copies to gain entry into your home or place of business.
They can even sell it to criminals intending to do the same.

However, with an electronic door lock, access is controlled.
The ACS authorizes access digitally, making replication almost impossible.
Even if someone were to attempt it, the process would be extremely complex, which in itself serves as a deterrent.

A Reduction in Cost

electronic door locks

Now, electronic door locks are definitely more expensive to buy. However, that's where most of our expenditure ends.
When you consider long-term expenditure, electronic door locks work out to be a cheaper option.

For starters, there is no such thing as a key transfer with electronic locks, which brings down costs significantly. Secondly, it saves time and time is money.

Estate agents or artisans don't have to wait for the property manager to unlock the house or office in order to grant access.

Finally, you have a management software that keeps key management time down to a minimum. Service providers, such as waste disposal, don’t have to depend on people to gain access, which saves them time and money as well.

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Your Property Value Gets a Boost

electronic door locks

When people buy property, one of the first things they look for is security.
We’ve already discussed how secure electronic door locks are.
They are much safer than traditional locks.
Needless to say, this plays a massive role in improving the appeal of your property.

When prospective buyers realize the benefits of an electronic door lock, they’re likely to agree to the price you quote.

After all, everybody wants to feel safe and protect their property. This need is met well by electronic door locks.

Varied Access Controls

With traditional door locks, you use a key.
The process of opening such locks is extremely simple.
However, the problem is that the process is identical to all locks, which means access cannot be customized or controlled.

With electronic door locks, you can do exactly that.
There are more than a few ways to open an electronic door lock, depending on how it is programmed in. For instance, you can use a phone app to open an electronic lock.

Other than that, you also have options like fingerprint scanning or access codes (via keypads).
You can even open an electronic door lock using voice-activated commands.

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In Conclusion…

Electronic door locks are obviously a much smarter option considering just how simple they can make your life. They offer greater security and also prevent you from carrying a key with you wherever you go.

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