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Door Reinforcement

Door ReinforcementThe reason criminals use the “kick-in the door” method to gain illegal entry into your home is because they know that there is no security built into the weak wooden door frames on your home.
You can have the strongest, the most advanced electronic keyless entry system and the most expensive locks in the world, but if your door frame is made out of wood it doesn’t stand a chance against a well placed firm kick by a determined criminal.
Just open your door and have a look at how there was no real thought that went into the security on the strike plate side of the door jamb.
There is literally 1 inch of very soft wood and some light duty decorative soft brass hardware with tiny ½” screws protecting your family from potential harm.

Door Reinforcement Plate installation

Serrurier Plateau offers a big selection of security plates for your any type of door in the market no matter if it’s metal or wood.
The security plates are coming in many shapes and sizes, Serrurier Plateau specialists can show you on site al the options we have and you can choose one that fits you needs and your budget.