Types of Car Keys and How to Identify yours

Most ignition keys now have a transponder that electronically communicates with the vehicle to prevent theft the car won’t start if the key isn’t programmed to match it.
We can copy and repair automotive transponders keys for all small to large vehicles, with no need to go to the dealer. 

Laser Cut Car Key



Laser Cut Car Key

This type of key features grooves (cuts) on both sides of the key, making it difficult to copy and therefore more secure than a mechanically cut key.

Transponder Car Key
Transponder Car Key

1990 most manufacturers and car key makers started fitting their keys with an electronic transponder chip in the head of the key.

Mechanically Cut Car Key

Mechanically Cut Car Key

This type of key don't have chip. It will work for old cars and some cars after the year 2000.

Keyless car keys
Keyless (Smart) car keys

The owner will usually be able to touch a button or sensor to unlock the car and also a (Push to Start) button to start the car.

Keyless car keys

Remote keys

Car key remote controls is a battery powered and have got a press button on the car key fob, that will turn off the car’s alarm. 

Clé Fob Jeep


FOBIK refers to a special breed of keyless entry,  Which usually fits into a slot in the dash in a manner similar to a normal key.

Car Keys types

Switch-blade or Flip Style Remotes

Switch-blade keys can be opened by pressing a button, and to retract it, you fold to close.

Valet Key

Valet Key

A valet key can control the door locks and ignition, but it cannot be used to gain entry to a locked glove box or the trunk.



This system comes in a form of a resistor chip which is added on the blade that provides additional security. this type of key mostly use for GM cars.

mazda smart card

Mazda Smart Card

Mazda Smart Card Keyless Remote Key Entry Fob Transmitter

Tibbe Key - Locksmith Montreal

Tibbe Key

Tibbe keys are high security keys used in motor vehicles introduced by Ford Motors in 1982. and also used on Jaguar models



Wonder how the chip in your car key looks like ?!





Wedge) Transponder Chips

(Wedge) Transponder Chips

Glass Transponder Chips

Glass Transponder Chips



Types Of Transponder Chips



Tex 4C

Tex 4D-60

Tex 4D-61

Tex 4D-62

Tex 4D-63 80-Bit

Tex 4D-64

Tex 4D-67

Tex 4D-68

Tex 4D-72 (Toyota G)

Tex 4D-74

Meg 13

Meg 48

Meg 48 GM

Meg 48 VW CAN

Philips 46/PCF7936

Philips 46 Mits

Philips 46 Circle+

Philips 46E

Philips 47 (Honda G)

Philips NXP AES(4A)