Ignition Repair / Replacement

When you are in a hurry and your car refuses to start, it can be the most frustrating situation. Ignition problems are frequently faced by vehicle owners who rush to replace batteries to solve this problem.

Ignition Switch Repair & Replacement

Auto locksmith services for your car's ignition switch on site repair service.

While replacing batteries can cost you heavily, it does not address the root problem.
There could be other issues with the ignition switch or key such as jammed lock, damaged ignition or worn out key.
These ignition problems require you to repair or replace the ignition switch.   

As the leading ignition repair service provider in Montreal, we at Plateau Locksmith specialize in ignition and auto lock replacement and repairs.

To avoid having two separate keys, we can cut keys for you that will operate both the trunk and the ignition.


Ignition Repair
We are a phone call away and one of our car key professionals will come to your location wherever you are.

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All Car Type Ignition Switch Replacement And Repair

We can handle most car makes and models, from older to the latest model.

We have decades of experience in ignition repair which makes it possible for us to quickly identify the root cause of your ignition problem and fix or replace the damaged part. 
Once we recognize the damage, it takes just half an hour or less to repair the ignition switch.

If you have a vehicle that has been extensively used or is very old or if you have experienced ignition problems frequently, we recommend a replacement.

We specialize in minimizing your downtime and expenses with efficient ignition repair and replacement. Call us today to know more.

Common Ignition Problems We Repair

We handle wide-ranging repairs and replacement for ignition problems related to:

  • >> Attempted burglary of your vehicle
  • >> Jammed locks
  • >> Worn out key
  • >> Worn out lock
  • >> The wrong key inserted
  • >> Transponder key not functioning
  • >> Broken key in the ignition
  • >> Ignition not turning
  • >> Key does not come out