Motorcycle Key Replacement

At Plateau Locksmith, we have the right team of locksmith technicians who are highly experienced and skilled in diagnosing the problem and offering an immediate solution.

Lost Motorcycle Key ? We can make a new one On Site

making a key replacement for a motorcycle if almost impossible when you try using the dealer.

Motorcycle keys are often taken for granted and are one of the commonly overlooked accessories when it comes to vehicles.
Losing the key, jammed motorcycle ignitions or broken motorcycle key are real dangers that anyone can face.

When something goes wrong with the key or the key malfunctions, it can be a source of major frustration, resulting in significant downtime not to mention the hassles of getting the key replaced or repaired.



Motorcycle Key Replacement

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Instant Key Replacement Solutions

We provide on site key replacement service and we are available by appointment.

Our friendly staff is available to assist you in all kinds of locksmith services ranging from automotive key repairs, laser cutting of encoded keys, replacement or repair of transponder keys and wide-ranging emergency services.

As the most professional motorcycle locksmith service provider in Montreal and surrounding areas, we offer affordable and efficient services for:

  • >> Motorcycle keys lost
  • >> Broken motorcycle keys
  • >> Duplicate motorcycle keys
  • >> Transponder motorcycle keys
  • >> Gas cap key

Emergency Assistance

Unlike automobiles, motorcycle key codes are not kept with the VIN number. 

We are fully equipped to assist you with all lockout situations.
Our emergency services locksmiths are accessible on a 24 x 7 basis to provide you expert support in the time of need.

Whether you lost your motorcycle keys or the key is broken or damaged, we can replace it in quick time to save you the hassles of downtime or having to wait for a replacement.

With our cutting edge in-house, laser key cutting facilities at Montreal headquarters our expert locksmiths can make replacement keys to put you back on the road in no time.

Call us today for affordable and efficient motorcycle key replacement services.