Burglary Locks and Door Repair

Statistics show on an average at least 800 business and home break-ins are reported in different areas in Montreal every month. Once a break-in happens, the chances of repeated break-ins are twelve folds higher.

Door Repairs & Door Reinforcing: 24-Hour Emergency Service

Whether your property entrance has recently suffered an attempted burglary or break-in or your doors and frames need reinforcing to ensure the safety of the people.

One of the things burglars look for is if a door or lock is damaged which makes it easy for them to enter. Installing high quality, secure door locks is the fail-proof way to deter breaking and entering.

Before you come back home to find it has been broken into, we advise that you call us immediately.
Our expert locksmith technicians ensure they arrive in quick time in our fully equipped van to repair and replace your door lock within minutes.



Door Reinforcement
Do you need urgent, temporary burglary repairs or longer term preventative reinforcement? CALL US NOW

Emergency Service To Repair Doors Following a Break-In

Make your home secure with Plateau Locksmith

At Plateau Locksmith, we have years of experience in repairing damaged door locks to enhance security and prevent future break-ins.
Our experts can guide on other measures you can take to reinforce the door locks for optimum security and peace of mind.

We have the expertise and hands-on experience to provide guidance also on the ideal types of locks to use on your garage doors, windows, and other locks to ensure your home is completely safe and secure.
With high-quality door and window locks, burglars will be deterred from attempting any break-in and move on to look for more vulnerable places.

As the preferred locksmith services provider in Montreal, Plateau Locksmiths has wide-ranging up-to-date security solutions and security products that meet your business and residential safety needs

Reach out to us today to make your home or office secure and safe.